Where projects meet teams
We at Splitvice are very proud to announce we extend further Splitvice's functionality to help you and your teams assess scheduling problems before they occur. Splitvice now supports Scheduling: where projects meet teams.
The use case
Say you work in a matrix organization. Projects are broken down systematically in work packages. When a work package is ready to be scheduled, in Splitvice you launch a work item. It's now up to the team to get that work item done.

In this matrix organization, the team lead distributes the work in his team, often together with the team members. Now, say this assignment is poorly done, and the work is assigned to somebody with a lot of other work already on his plate? That would hurt your project timing, so while it might be the right choice, it's good to have this choice and the result transparent.
How you see if work packages are in peril?
In your Gantt chart, you see immediately if the people assignment causes extra delay:
You see in the above example the "design cockpit" work package is marked with a red triangle.
In the time line you also see the expected time caused by the people assignment.
How do you solve extra delays?

In a new view you see teams and what they are scheduled to do.

In the below example, you see the Design cockpit work item is done by Burt Spencer after the "launchpad containers" work item. The team leader can drag it simply to Harry to reassign the task and solving part of the problem.

But in the example, there is another problem visible. The work item involved also requires work of an electronics engineer. Since nobody is assigned yet to that part, it's to be expected to be done after tasks that are assigned, this creating extra delay. In the scheduler, you see this extra work in the row of the electronics role:
This can be solved again by creating a child work item and assign it to an electronic engineer. This way it can be done in parallel which totally solves the planning problem!
Team scheduling is a very important part of gettings things done. Good scheduling keeps projects going. We're excited at Splitvice we can help you to optimize further your team!

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