At Splitvice, we realize portfolio management and planning is not a standalone task and must be integrated in your business. We know the value of integrating with the other software in your company. To support integration, we offer a number of free of charge solutions, or, upon request we can make tailormade integration services available.
The Splitvice REST API is a the API that powers our application and is available to integrate Splitvice in your own application. Contact use if you want more information regarding the API or how to use it. Additional API endpoints can be foreseen upon request if you would need this.
Sample integration
Below is a sample integration with the low-code platform Zapier. Of course, you can use the API in any environment, low-code or full-code.
Connect Your Apps and Automate Workflows
Easy automation for busy people. Zapier moves info between your web apps automatically, so you can focus on your most important work. Splitvice has a zap available and connects your Splitvice work items, worklog records and any other info to a world of Zapier enabled applications. This could be email, JIRA, Slack or any other business application.
Sample workflow in Zapier to automate your business
When a new work item is created in Splitvice and it is assigned to me. Splitvice has its own Zapier set of triggers available for you.
Email this work item
Send an email to my GMail account. Zapier has tons of output options to move the Splitvice info to your other business applications
Add work item to Trello
List your work item on your favorite task list application. This could be Trello, but, this could be JIRA, Wunderlist, Visual Studio, Slack... you name, we got it