Interview with a tester
Tim Mercken (KPD) talks about testing and working with Splitvice
Tim is project leader and software consultant at KPD. KPD is a leading software development company for the construction sector in Belgium. They help companies and their partners to streamline every step in the construction process. From the first draft of a project until final delivery, including finances and planning. They have tools on desktop, laptop and tablet.

Why did you want to test Splitvice?
Software development is key for us. As a growing company, we need a simple tool to manage all our different projects. Having a clear view on planning and resources for our complete portfolio is key to success. That way we optimize processes and time management, so we can deliver on time and budget. Sandra Rens, our freelance marketing and communication manager, introduced us to the Splitvice team. The mission and first mock-ups convinced us. That's why I wanted to test.

Which user profile did you use to test Splitvice?
In Splitvice terminology: the Splitvice Champion.

Tell us something about your first experiences?
Splitvice is a web based tool, so available everywhere. The interface is intuitive and simple because it's linked to the user's profile. Our employees got used to the screens, processes and the method of working very fast. A real advantage.

What is the chance that you recommend the software to colleagues?
You would like to hear a high score, I suppose (laughs)? To be honest, I'll give an 8.

What makes Splitvice different from other tools?
The possibility to work with scenarios. This way we can simulate the impact of an event (going live with a new release, the escalation of a problem with a customer, …) on the actual planning. It also allows us to evaluate the effect of the recruitment of extra resources on the timing of a project. This helps us to make better decisions.

For which problems or situations would you recommend Splitvice?
I believe Splitvice is a great tool for companies running multiple projects at the same time. Planning is key because a project that runs over time has a great impact on budget and resources. Splitvice makes life easier.

Would you stimulate people to start using Splitvice?
Definitely yes. And as Splitvice is still growing, it gives you the possibility to co-create software that you're going to use later. You're on the front row in the development process. The Splitvice team really listens to their customers. It's nice working with them.